Red-Headed Step-Child

May 30, 2008

Spicy Cuban

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Most of us have a favorite outfit or two hanging around in our inventory. This is the look that I rush back after photo shoots to change into, the one that feels the most like home to me right now.

I always thought I would be pale in second life, green-eyed and red-haired. In short, I wanted to be myself. Well, myself with bigger boobs and anime-long legs. That all changed when I picked up a special issue of Second Style which contained a gift of Launa Fauna’s superlative Chai skins. I had seen them on some of my favorite bloggers looking wonderful, and I couldn’t wait to try them on myself. To my surprise, they didn’t suit me at all. It wasn’t until I gave up on them (I haven’t changed my shape in months, and hate to do it) and started cycling through the other included skintones that my jaw hit the floor. Her darkest option, “Cinnamon”, made me look like Miss. America! Far from your usual free skin, this had bold red lips and gorgeous smoky eyes and such womanly shading – I just couldn’t take it off. My friends remained shocked at the change.

WARNING: OPINION – It was a freebie. Several of the items that I’m wearing here, that I love, are freebies, and are sure to be replaced in the future by other freebies. I’ve never thanked a designer for the gifts they give, or sent one a gushing IM because I fell in love with something they made. I have come close, once with Megg Demina when I left her shop the very first time, loaded with hatboxes and minus my lindens; and once with Launa Fauna to thank her for that feeling of “yes!” when I wore her Vedette, and for opening me up to the world of darker skins. But in each case, I backspaced, closed the window, and decided to admire them privately, and quietly. I don’t know if I was being shy, or trying not to be a bother, or perhaps a little embarrassed about my fervor, but it was never that I wasn’t grateful or didn’t appreciate the time and work that went into it. The same is true for the variety of fantastic freebies that are generously given every day. Thank you.

Back to our regular programming: As you can see in this detail shot, I’m once again wearing Megg Demina’s Mae Hong Son neck rings, as I thought they were exotic and flattering to this skin and hair. The style, “Mackie” from Sinsation, was a hunt find and is a new favorite of mine because of it’s versatility and drama. My jeweled bangle is a gorgeous freebie still available from 69, and my gem-encrusted green manicure is from the very addictive Candy Nail shop. These Aoharu capris were a past group gift, likewise for this perfect smoky blue makeup option from Chai. It’s the only skin waiting on my buy list, but I haven’t been able to afford a full-priced skin in ages. One of these days! My Tee came from Karamia, and is my FAVORITE item of clothing ever. I even wrote to a blogger to find out where to buy it, and I NEVER speak to people. It was worth it, as it’s usually the only thing on my virtual bum when I’m lounging around at home.

Skin: LF Chai – Indigo in Cinnamon
Eyes: Miriel – The Duotone Collection – Predawn
Hair: Sinsation – Mackie in Jet Black
Shirt: Karamia – Jungle Fever
Capris: Aoharu – Capri Pants in Pink
Shoes: Maitreya – Slinky Stilletos in Patent Yellow
Necklace: Chapeau Tres Mignon – Mae Hong Son Neck Rings
Bangle: 69 – Sprinkles Bracelet in Gold (FREE!)
Manicure: Candy Nail – Jel Drops in Green Tea

For Slurls, see our Locations and Designers and Photo-Shoot Locations pages.


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