Red-Headed Step-Child

July 11, 2008


Filed under: Freebie Love,Mix and Match — Candy Lemmon @ 1:25 pm

Music, color, and good old fashioned kookiness are all essential parts of J-pop fashion.

Although I usually scamper around the grid wearing whatever happens to be in reach, I do sometimes dress for an occasion. For the Tanabata Starry Sky Festival, I could have donned one of my many MANY kimonos, but I felt like something a little funkier and colorful. I always reach for these rainbow-tinted skates when I’m feeling like having some fun (for instructions How-To, see Bite-Size Candy: Edit Menu Magic), and I decided to go with it and color up the rest of my outfit. This plaid shirt from Thimbles is far from the lumberjack pattern you’d expect, and sure to be seen again in my outfits for fall. My white T-shirt and vest combo (necklaces too) are all on one layer, in the “Female Club-Goer” folder that exists in YOUR Inventory’s Library RIGHT NOW! It’s one of a slew of new avatars made by well-known designers including Nylon, Adam n’ Eve, and many more. Bijou is one of my favorite new Japanese stores, and these fab high-waisted shorts give a clue as to why. The amazing star-patterned thigh-highs were only L$35 from Amerie’s Naughty – a store I’ve just discovered and begun to love – and the record purse is a Digital Eyes dollarbie and a music-lover’s dream.

My ankles were still chilly (why else would so many Japanese fashion girls wear two pairs of socks?) so I pulled on a second set of scrunchy socks; this pair from Stellar Designs. I’m only wearing one earring ’cause that’s how all the cool kids are doing it, often with a dangling feather like this one from Boing Fromage. My faux-hawk was a group gift from a new store called “Glitter Hair” I read about some time ago on the Free*Style blog. I went looking for a mainstore today, and it appears to have changed name slightly and remains under construction – look for “Glitter Love Flower” hair to blow up the blogs soon. My skin today is another “Wax Poetic” design, this time called “Firestarter” with brilliant yellow-and-red eye-shadow. Of course, every real music fan has a collection, and I’m displaying my bin from Killing Moon Records. It was one of my favorite finds from the Retrology Mother’s Day Hunt. And Decollage makes another appearance with my 80’s boombox.

Skin: Love.Love.Love – Wax Poetic in Firestarter
Eyes: Miriel – The Spectrum Collection – Late Sunset
Hair: Glitter Love Flower – Summer Sun (Past Group Gift, Coming Soon!)
Undershirt: Thimbles – Unkle Frank’s Dirty Flannel Tank
T-Shirt, Vest and Necklaces: Nylon Pinkney – Girl Clubgoer Shirt (FREE and in your inventory now!)
Shorts: Bijou – Linda Outfit Highwaist Pants (Purple Set)
Stockings: Amerie’s Naughty – Candy Socks Star (Long Option)
Socks: Stellar Designs – Ladies Scrunchy Sculpted Socks in White
Skates: Skoopf Ultra Roller Skates (Re-Sized and Tinted; for a Step-by-Step How-To see “Bite Size Candy: Edit Menu Magic“)
Earring: Boing Fromage – Feather & Shell Earrings in Outrageous Pink
Purse: Digital Eyes – Mote Evolver 12” Bag (Only $1 Linden!)
Manicure: Gianetti – Nails & Melee Claws in Jet Diamond
Lashes: Aoharu – Lisa Lashes

Long Awkward Pose
Digital Dragon Designs – Vintage Pin-Up 2

Decollage – Aerobics Radio
Killing Moon Records – K.M.R. Record Bin – Mothers Day 2008 (Past Hunt Find)
For Slurls, see our Locations and Designers page.



  1. You look like a complete badass.

    Comment by Dahlia Eilde — July 11, 2008 @ 3:06 pm | Reply

  2. Enough hair gel, and everyone’s a rock star. ;D

    Comment by Candy Lemmon — July 11, 2008 @ 6:46 pm | Reply

  3. hey great idea with the tinting tutorial! this outfit is SO one of my favs of yours! the loud rockstar kookiness screams “DO WANT!” (thats a little lolspeak example for ya, lol). <3 this, you look FIERCE!!!!

    Comment by IsabellaGrace Baroque — July 11, 2008 @ 10:39 pm | Reply

  4. Aw thanks Bella! I know I’m not the best person out there to offer a tutorial, but it seemed like it needed to be done and I had a lot of fun doing it.

    PS–You were right. Lolspeak is totally contagious.

    Comment by Candy Lemmon — July 13, 2008 @ 8:24 am | Reply

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