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August 18, 2008

Tea House of Heart

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Cleaning out your closet can be style catharsis. Not only do you purge the bad, but sometimes you’ll discover shiny hidden treasures that you never knew you had. From the depths of my inventory and an unknown time, I present to you my favorite “House of Heart” review styles!

Like many of you, I’ve been on the House of Heart subscribe-O-matic list for a while, and I’m always amazed when I receive each new release gift. Sheltered Heart goes beyond excellent customer service by generously providing a sample of her new creations with each update. For the thrifty fashionistas (like me!), it’s really become something to look forward to. Besides the fantastic freebies, I’ve always been struck by the sheer variety of styles. I wanted to emphasize the diversity of looks that can be achieved first with a very theatrical shoot, and for me “drama” usually means “geisha”; shown here with a ruffled lolita twist.

Bare Rose has the most beautiful kimono-inspired costumes, and even though I own nearly all of them, I can never resist another. The Nadeshiko outfit is 5 colors of pleated, lace-edged ruffles, and I’m even wearing the included fishnets and choker – the set was too beautiful to mix and match. My Digital Eyes freebie fan makes another appearance (Morgan Kincess recently released this to her group), and my Kanzashi spiderweb is part of a (Free!) Soulfire geisha hairstyle available at the Free*Style home. These geta sandals I spied on the stylish feet of Efemera Bisiani – with eight colors and two style options (rounded or square), they’ve become the stars in my geta collection. Oh, did I mention they’re only L$100?

The Magika hairstyle has a mix of exotic beauty and a high-fashion edge that make it perfect for more daring and adventurous looks. I instantly thought oriental, but the spiky softness says “punk” or “neko” just as loudly. If words like “shy” and “traditional” make you itch, this is the hair for you! Most of my House of Heart styles required a little adjusting, this one included, but the finished product is well worth the time. My skin is another stunning creation by Fricka Morgath, a gift to her group members. I own all of her Geisha makeups, for obvious reasons, and I can’t wait to add more.

Of course it’s not all spiky futuristic Geisha hair! On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the Ashiyya hairstyle, with a posh sculpted beret. I once knew a very striking girl with a gold-sequined beret, and tried to channel some of her quirky chic style for this look. I love this simple T-shirt dress from Emery, it’s hipster cool and a great basic. My Sugar Cube leather jacket is another wardrobe essential, easily dressed up with a fancy Veschi scarf and some fierce gold heels. I recently joined the “She’s So Unusual Shoes” in-world group for a pair of crap shoes (har har), and found these sexy lace-up pumps in the group archive. Yay! The rest of my accessories followed suit: a pair of golden hoop earrings, a sculpted bracelet from Baiastice, and the golden box from the Miriel hunt worn as a purse.

The beret is texture and color-change, so it’s a breeze to mix into your outfits, but I think my favorite part of the hairstyle is the simple side-gathered chignon. It somehow manages to feel sophisticated and casual at the same time – the hair is almost as versatile as the cap! I wear a lot of hat-hair in the fall and winter, and this is a great one to add to your collection if you do the same. I’m wearing Sin Skins’ latest group gift in tone 5, and my Candy Nails in gold to polish it off.

Hair: House of Heart – Magika in Black
Skin: Frick – Geisha in Group Gift Makeup
Eyes: Miriel – Anime Eyes in Gold (Free Wearable Demo!)
Kimono Dress, Choker and Stockings: Bare Rose – Nadeshiko Outfit
Geta Sandals: Dark Eden – Nu Kua Geta Sandals in Midnight (Square Option, Tinted Red)
Kanzashi: Soulfire – Geisha Spiderweb (Available Free at the Free*Style Home! Juicy (115, 115, 23))
Lashes: Aoharu – Geisha Lashes
Fan: Digital Eyes – Valentine Fan (Past Hunt Find)

Hair and Cap: House of Heart – Ashiyya in Coffee Bean
Skin: Sin Skins – Group Gift in Tone 5
Eyes: Miriel – The Arctic Collection – Midnight Sun
Dress: Emery – Glam Rock Dress
Jacket: Sugar Cube – Maze of Love Outfit
Shoes: She’s So Unusual Shoes – Tied Pumps in Gold (Group Gift)
Scarf: Veschi – Muffin Top Dress in White
Earrings: Ume Mode – Loop Pierce
Cuff: Baiastice – Sculpty Bracelet in Light Gold (Past Group Gift)
Purse: Miriel – Free Golden Box (Golden Cage Hunt Find)
Manicure: Candy Nail – Basic Nail in Gold
Lashes: Cake – Flutter

Vain Inc – Boudoir Pack (Past Hunt Find)
LAP – Material Girl

Curious about some of the vocabulary? See Foreign Fashion Vocab for more information.

For Slurls, see our Designer Locations and Photo-Shoot Locations pages.



  1. Wow! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that first pic! Fantabulous!!!

    Comment by Efemera Bisiani — August 19, 2008 @ 6:11 am | Reply

  2. Aww, thanks Efemera!!!

    It’s pretty obvious how much I love geisha and kimono shoots, so I can’t help but go a little overboard with them. Thanks again for blogging those sandals, the looks and the getas both were really inspiring!

    Comment by Candy Lemmon — August 19, 2008 @ 12:28 pm | Reply

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