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December 9, 2008

White Roses – Bare Rose Challenge Part II

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With the almost limitless selection at Bare Rose, it’s hard to believe that some people still try to put June Dion’s work in a category. I actually enjoy a little in-world browsing despite the cries of lag, and I’ve eavesdropped on a quite a few confused noobies wondering aloud what kind of store they’re in. If you haven’t figured it out, it’s not just for harajuku nekos or undead robots or even your neighborhood runway queen. It’s for all of the above, and every misfit in-between.

Although I’m not quite the “damsel in distress” type, Van will always be my knight in shining armor. The chest-plate, gauntlets, and other sculpted prims were part of the King’s Armor outfit from this August’s scavenger hunt, one of those rare finds that really is a treasure. His white cloak and clothing-layer chain mail are options from the Mystic Knight outfit, which also includes this fearsome blade. The white studded short boots are perfect for any paladin, and his golden crown is fit for a king. Now, all that’s left is to save the princess and slay the dragon…

I knew I wanted this to be a snowy shoot, and I settled on what I call an ethnic fairy princess look. I chose the fur cape from a bunny costume for my base, and added a gorgeous arctic fox stole from the Nocturne No. 2 geisha outfit. I may not look it but I’m actually Native American, and I always feel powerful wearing items that represent my totem animal, the fox. The scene-stealing masterpiece of a skirt is from the same Nocturne No. 2 kimono, mixed with the top and gloves from the Nirvana outfit. My kanzashi (hair ornament) is from the Nadeshiko kimono dress, and the furred closed fan is from yet another kimono outfit, the Uchikake. I have an almost complete inventory of her geisha costumes, and I’ve never transferred one. Clearly, Winter isn’t the only one with fangs when it come to June Dion’s creations. My rope-work sandals are the Hishi shoes in white, and I added a tiny punch of red with my Gianetti manicure.

See the first tribute here: Dark Roses – Bare Rose Challenge Part I

On Van:
Skin: The Abyss – Scorpio in Dystopia
Eyes: Naughty Designs – Gabriel’s Eyes in Blue-Green
Hair: Armidi – The Cadiz in Red
Chain-Mail Clothing, Gloves, Cloak and Sword: Bare Rose – Mystic Knight in White
Armor and Crown: Bare Rose – King’s Armor (Past Hunt Prize)
Boots: Bare Rose – Studded Short Boots in White

LAP – Dude VII Pack

On Candy:
Skin: Cake – Sierra in Ivory Set 2
Eyes: Miriel – The Arctic Collection – Snow
Hair: Mirai Style – Pani in White
Wrap Shirt and Gloves: Bare Rose – Nirvana Outfit
Skirt and Fox Stole: Bare Rose – Nocturne No. 2
Fur Cape: Bare Rose – White Bunny Outfit
Zori: Bare Rose – Hishi Shoes in White
Kanzashi: Bare Rose – Nadeshiko Kanzashi Hairpin
Fan: Bare Rose – Uchikake Sensu Fan
Manicure: Gianetti Nails and Melee Claws in Crimson Diamond
Lashes: Minnu Models – Dott Lashes (Past Group Gift)

Vain Inc – Model Pack (Past Group Gift)

Curious about some of the vocabulary? See Foreign Fashion Vocab for more information.

For Slurls, see our Designer Locations and Photo-Shoot Locations pages.


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