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January 13, 2009

Dress Me Up in… Weirdiculous! (by Paulina Oceanlane)

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We finally reached the end of our “Dress Me Up!” request list, and I think I’ve saved the best for last! These challenges have had us going in a million directions – from ballgowns to sweatpants to samurai swords – but this one has us breaking our molds to pieces. When Paulina Oceanlane styled us in Weirdiculous and urged, “The dorkier the better!”, it inspired us to give the DP YumYum CSR bunny avatars a try.

If you’ve never been to Paulina and the girls’ page, “Who Let the Dorks Out?“, go now. Van and I are regular readers, it’s like a sexy magnet for all that great stuff in SL that makes you smile and laugh. In true dork fashion, I’ve been wandering the grid looking a lot less playboy and lot more bunny, and I have to say it feels delightful. The overall selection at Weirdiculous is MUCH more colorful than the looks I’ve chosen here, but I’m still a fashion bunneh, and I decided on a “Geek Chic” approach. That, and I’ve always wanted to wear Bjork’s swan dress. I found a match for her hairstyle in House of Heart’s Jordan, and I chose some simple pumps to keep the focus on the unique design.

I knew Van would look cute in the “Nerd Boy” outfit, but Bunny-Van looks cuter than a kitten cuddling with a puppy. The set is packed with this entire look, including his prim bow-tie and shoes, not to mention a skin and shape to match. The fanny-pack alone convinced me to buy it, it actually contains a protractor and ruler(!), and is a perfect example of the awesomely bad creations available in the store. He edited Antonia Marat’s taped Buddy Holly glasses to fit and we both had to do a lot of modding for our hair, but it was a treat to see my bunny-boyfriend in Armidi’s classic Poynter.

Thanks to everyone who played the Dress-Up Game with us, and another special thank you to Ach – who even makes it look cool to go furreh.

On Candy:
Dress: Weirdiculous: Swan Lake Costume
Bunny Avatar: DP YumYum – Winter CSR Prize!
Hair: House of Heart – Jordan in Bitter Chocolate
Shoes: Storm Schmooz – Opinelle Stilletos in White

On Van:
Outfit: Weirdiculous – NerdBoy (Including Shirt, Pants, Suspenders, Shoes, Socks, Bow-Tie, and Fanny-Pack with Pens and a Protractor!)
Bunny Avatar: DP YumYum – Winter CSR Prize!
Hair: Armidi – The Old Poynter in Red
Glasses: Artilleri – Buddy Holly Glasses (Taped Option, Edited)

Long Awkward Pose

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January 12, 2009

Dress Me Up in… Casual! (by Stacie Pryor)

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Stacie Pryor of Fashion Ascension has laid down the greatest challenge of our short blogging career. Old jeans? Hoodies?? Poor Candy was pulling her hair out trying to find something to wear. Well, for all her stress, look at how cute she looks!

From her adorable Kin ‘do to her sweet Kitty’s Rampage flats, Candy is a Venus in sweats tonight. This look is totally something Candy would wear at home in real life. The sweater dress, the ethnic earrings, and the animal print scarf all have real world twins. Her mehendi and nose piercing are a nice touch, Indian-inspired accessories are a favorite of Candy’s.

The base of my casual look was a complete no-brainer. This Creamshop hoodie looks great with my Fuse jeans, and it’s a look that’s very similar to something I would wear to work – minus all the dangly bits. You all know about these infamous hi-tops, I decided on kind of a crazy combination of patterns and neon colors. I’m a preppy fancy-pants most of the time, so it was fun to throw on some rock n’ roll accessories, like these facial piercings from DEEKS that I’ve had for ages. On my hands I’m rocking the Michael Jackson finger-tape with the Robert Smith nail polish. The Aoharu scarf was Candy’s idea and I think it looks great. I’m staring to think I could pull this off in real life and I’m searching for that scarf right now…

This challenge was tough of both of the bastards. Who said casual was easy??

On Candy:
Skin: Vogue Deviant Nation – Drama Queen Trash in Pure (No Longer Available)
Eyes: Miriel – The Jeweled Collection – Blue Opal
Hair: Kin – Erika in Red
Shirt: Illuminaire – Rainbow Brite Girlie Tee (No SLurl Available)
Dress: Thimbles – Your Mom’s Sweater Dress in Sad Blue
Sweatpants: UnTone Quilt – Puchidabopan
Sandals: Kitty’s Rampage – Aperture Flats (Dark Red Option)
Scarf: Artilleri – Funky Scarf in Leopard
Earrings: Dark Mouse Jewelry – Black Garnet in Copper Earrings
Nose Piercing: Yak & Yeti – Nose Ring
Mehendi: Canimal – Henna Pack
Manicure: Armidi – True Enhance Prim Nails

On Van:
Skin: The Abyss – Scorpio in Dystopia
Eyes: Miriel – The Arctic Collection – Midnight Sun
Eyes: Naughty Designs – Dare in Dusk
Shirt: Aoharu – Spyder T-Shirt in White
Sweatshirt: Creamshop – Cross Dot Hoodie
Jeans: Fuse – 101 Factory Jeans
Sneakers: UBU – Pornstar Xtra Hi-Tops (Various Patterns and Neon Colors)
Scarf: Aoharu – Afghan Stole in Light Green
Suspenders: Kari – New School Suspenders (Pink Option)
Finger Tape: SiniStyle – Taped Fingers and Black Nails (Index and Middle Option)
Piercings: DEEKS – Double Lip and Spiked Labret, Lobe with Industrual Piercing, and Lobe with Spiked Piercing

LAP – Barbie Girl
Happy Dispatch – Male Pose Pack

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December 31, 2008

Dress Me Up Like… Mad Men! (by Cajsa Lilliehook)

Filed under: Challenge,Dress Me Up!,Freebie Love,Mix and Match,Theme Outfits — Candy Lemmon @ 8:23 pm

While Van’s busy making the stars shine for all the music fans tonight, I’m ringing in the New Year alone with a bottle of champagne. If you’ve ever watched “Mad Men”, you’ll know that lonely housewives and long hours of work are common in the Draper household. Every New Years Eve, I feel a little bit like Betty.

Don Draper. Workaholic, visionary, lover, liar. If he had a choice, he’d be at the office on New Year’s just like my husband is now. Armidi was the obvious choice for an expensive tailored suit, with a Blaze shirt and tie tinted Don’s signature grey. The Rude Boy hat from Kari is pure 60’s sophistication, worn here with the Petrelli style for a little modern edge. I had to make a pocket square, and threw in a copy of the moon landing newspaper for a little Kennedy-era ambiance. Of course, business necessities like rocks glasses and ashtrays are easily toted in this smart leather briefcase, found OnRez.

Tonight, Betty Draper is all dressed up with no place to go. When I think of her character, I picture this scene in her blue dress and the ugly aftermath. She’s a potent reminder that beauty is very different than happiness. There was no finding her exact dress, so I bought a wildly different blue stunner, the aptly named “All Eyes On Me” dress from Icing. I fell in love at first sight with this design, and when I read it was inspired by Goldfrapp’s Supernature I was completely sold. Rich jewel tones, peacock feathers, AND my favorite band?! Clearly, this was made to be my New Years gift to myself. Paper Couture’s artistic jewelry is the only appropriate embellishment, with matching blue pumps and a jeweled purse fit for any retro trophy wife.

Cajsa, thank you so much for the perfect excuse to do this. My itch is still not scratched, I’m picturing Joan and Roger now…

On Van:
Skin: The Abyss – Scorpio in Dystopia
Hair: Sinistyle – The Petrelli in Rust (Edited to Fit Hat)
Suit: Armidi – Classic Italia Suit in Grey
Shirt and Tie: Blaze – Power Suit (White Options, Tie Tinted Grey)
Shoes: Storm Schmooz – Men’s Black Shoes
Pocket Square and Newspaper: Made by Me
Briefcase: Pukk Abel – Elegant Burgundy Leather Briefcase

Rocks Glass: Neptune Lighting – Shot Glass 1
Ash Tray: No. 3 Feathers Interior – Blue Butterfly Ashtray

On Candy:
Skin: Tuli – Unnamed Skin Version 2 in Light (Past Group Gift)
Eyes: Miriel – The Jeweled Collection in Miriel – Blue Opal
Hair: ETD – Loraine in Blonde
Dress: Icing – All Eyes On Me
Shoes: Maitreya – Group Gift Pumps in Blue
Earrings: Paper Couture – Sapphire and Diamond Earrings
Purse: Rebel Hope – Hope Gown Pillbox Purse in Blue
Manicure: Gianetti – Nails in Punch

LAP – Dude VI
LAP – Material Girl

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December 30, 2008

Dress Me Up Like… Barbie and Ken! (by TearSong Vaughan)

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We’re skipping around our “Dress Me Up” request list, this time to TearSong Vaughan‘s “Barbie and Ken” suggestion! A few of the ideas we were given immediately started my brain sparking, and this vintage toy shoot was among them. Thanks so much for the fun concept, I had a blast!

Naturally, Barbie has far more accessories to choose from. I chose to do “Spotlight Barbie”, a gorgeous classic model from the the 1950’s, but it was no easy task achieving that kind of glamour. I went to both of my go-to vintage dress shops, Ivalde and Ingenue, and did a lot of thinking before selecting Betty Doyle’s “Begin the Beguine”. I could have gone with a long black gown and added the net bustle myself, but my heart really skipped a beat when I saw this dress, and I knew it was the one. The hair was my next challenge, but I stumbled upon a perfect blonde updo from Aoharu, a former group gift (yay!). To help mirror her outfit, I added a rose corsage, a pair of opera-length gloves from Fleur, and made a quick pink scarf in Barbie’s signature color. For jewelry, I chose the elegant stacked black pearl necklace from Paper Couture, and a pink and black cocktail ring to wear with drinks after her performance.

The original Ken came with little more than swim-trucks and a smile, and for me, there is no avatar who rocks this look better. Years ago, when all the guys were sporting badly-textured board shorts, my husband stumbled into Barnes’ Boutique and found the holy grail of men’s retro swimwear. Two years, a couple contest wins, and a few propositions later, they’re still fresh and still his favorite. He’s wearing Nylon Pinkney’s “Gamer Guy” skin, complete with Ken’s trademark painted-on hair. The sandals come complete with sculpted toes (tintable) and texture-change straps, and were a pretty amazing deal from J’s considering they were only L$280. The surfboard was a little more pricey, but it did come with animations and looked a thousand times better than any other I could find, and the hand towel is another great freebie from Bare Rose.

On Candy:
Skin: Rockberry – Lily in Light (POE Hunt Find)
Hair: Aoharu – Nikki in Milky Montblanc
Eyes: Miriel – The Iridescent Collection – Blue Opal
Dress: Ingenue – Begin the Beguine
Shoes: Storm Schmooz – Laque Platforms in Black
Gloves: Fleur – Long Leather Gloves in Black
Necklace: Paper Couture – Black Pearl Necklace
Ring: Barracuda – Reed Ring Rose
Corsage: Twisted and Spoiled – Twisted Rose Dress Pin (Lucky Chair Prize)
Barbie Scarf: Made by Me

On Van:
Skin and Hair: Nylon Pinkney – Gamer Guy Skin (In Your Library Folder)
Eyes: Miriel – The Jeweled Collection – Zircon
Swim Trunks: Barnes’ Boutique – Retro Hawaiian Swimming Trunks in Red
Sandals: J’s – Men’s Belt Sandals (Red Option)
Hand Towel: Bare Rose – Face Towel in White (Free!)
Surfboard: Namiko Surf Shop – Indigo Surfboard

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December 29, 2008

Dress Me Up in… Creamshop! (by Achariya)

Filed under: Challenge,Dress Me Up!,Freebie Love,Mix and Match — Candy Lemmon @ 10:34 am

The second half of Achariya‘s “Dress Me Up” request was head to toe Creamshop: for hair, jewelry, and clothing… with a little hint that she loved the ponchos. I fell hard for them too (and about half the shop, to be honest!) but I went with my gut and started with the pleated balloon skirt and bright tight set instead.

Purple and pink isn’t seasonal, it’s not at all sophisticated, I can’t really explain myself, but I just love it for winter this year. I knew I was going to add a ton of color to this outfit, so I topped the skirt and tights with a great (Free!) simple black blazer and tank combo. I rock a LOT of tomboy looks since I accepted my first pair of jeans into my RL wardrobe, and the casual rolled-sleeve menswear look always makes me feel sexy. I pulled the plaid Creamshop scarf from my inventory, but I did buy these fantastic scripted earrings and quite a few more goodies for another day. My shiny red shoes were another great freebie from the Style Magazine boxes (still there), and the matching red bag was a group gift from ETD. Also from ETD, the lovely limited edition “Sea Nymph” braid [Sorry Ach, I just couldn’t work the Creamshop hair, much as I lusted after it] and I wore one of my favorite makeup choices from the Wax Poetic line to turn up the volume.

Color will always inspire me, especially when used liberally and boldly. I actually had a serious aversion to purses in SL, and this splashy red purse cured me instantly. I chose the yellow texture of Creamshop’s lightning bolt earrings for some clashy style points, and I just had to take a close-up of this insanely detailed safety pin charm – a passing look at the scarf doesn’t do it justice. I almost forgot to mention the short leather gloves from Fleur, in my favorite shade of the fatpack, turquoise. And before you laugh, I have it on good authority that rolling around in a box of crayons is totally the “next big thing”. Take that.

Skin: Love.Love.Love – Wax Poetic in Rio
Eyes: Miriel – Iridescent Collection – Peacock
Hair: ETD – Sea Nymph in Coral (No Longer Available)
Shirt and Jacket: Cafe Yui – Black Jacket (Only $L1!)
Skirt: Creamshop – Balloon Pleats Skirt in Pink
Tights: Creamshop – Balloon Pleats Tights in Purple
Shoes: Style Magazine – Roger Vivier Rose Shoes (Free!)
Earrings: Creamshop – Thunder Earrings, Yellow Option
Scarf: Creamshop – Check Charm Stole in Grey
Gloves: Fleur – Short Leather Gloves in Turquoise
Purse: ETD – Hobo Bag in Patent Cherry (Past Group Gift)

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December 28, 2008

Dress Me Up Like a… Samurai! (by Achariya)

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Achariya suggested a Samurai theme for me, and I’m more than happy to oblige. Candy does Japanese themed posts all the time, it’s a wonder that I haven’t. When I was in college I had the opportunity to act in a Kabuki version of Sleeping Beauty. I played Tomoya, the Prince Charming of the story. The important thing is, I got to defeat the dragon and save the girl.

Here we have tranquil Tomoya at home in his Aoharu hakama. A hakama is an extremely manly pleated skirt outfit that only a virile bad-ass like myself is allowed to wear. I have to mention the hours of hard work Candy put into this photo. There are so many great details: the mask, the artwork, and the little tray with the rice bowl and sake cup. I especially like the unique way the formal embroidered coat, called a “haori”, is displayed on a stand in the background.

Our samurai prince is now dressed and ready to slay another villain. I’m wearing a lot of items from the Bare Rose Kabukimono outfit, including my footwear, kabuki mask, katanas and jug (no doubt filled with pure spring water), and of course, the Haori in red. My yukata and obi were part of a limited freebie found here in Fantasy China, where this photo was taken.

I had a good time with this challenge and Candy worked her delicately manicured fingers to the bone.

Next up, Vintage Barbie and Ken as requested by TearSong Vaughan!

Skin: The Abyss – Scorpio in Dystopia
Eyes: Miriel – The Jeweled Collection – Amber
Hair: Fantasy China Dynasty – Ancient Chinese Man Hair in Black (Slightly Edited)
Hakama: Aoharu – Japanese Traditional Hakama
Geta: Bare Rose – Kabukimono

Skin: The Abyss – Scorpio in Dystopia
Eyes: Miriel – The Jeweled Collection – Amber
Hair: Fantasy China Dynasty – Ancient Chinese Man Hair in Black (Slightly Edited)
Yukata and Obi: Fantasy China Dynasty – Ancient Chinese Scholar Outfit
Haori: Bare Rose – Kabukimono Kimono in Red
Geta and Kabuki Mask: Bare Rose – Kabukimono

House: Mattia Pascale – Japanese House (Only L$1!)
Kabuki Mask and Cigar: Bare Rose – Kabukimono
Haori: Bare Rose – Kabukimono Kimono in Red
Couch: Li Chi Design – Couch Tokyo (Free!)
Dresser: Li Chi Design – Sideboard 04 (Free!)
Artwork: Li Chi Design – Japan Art 02 (Free!)
Rice Bowl and Sake Cup: Shinise Mall – Free!
Kimono and Mask Stands, Serving Tray: Made by Candy

Katanas and Jug: Bare Rose – Kabukimono

Curious about some of the vocabulary? See Foreign Fashion Vocab for more information.

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