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December 28, 2008

“It’s My Bag, Baby”

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Weeks ago I took some photos for our “Dress Me Up” requests, but quickly succumbed to an explosion of RL and SL activities. Van’s polishing up his sexy samurai post for later today, so I took my coffee and tackled Shopping Cart Disco’s “What’s in Your Bag?” challenge.

1. Satin Purse with Gold Clasp (circa 1960): Vintage purses, shoes, jewelry, gloves, and especially lingerie, I am a HUGE addict!!! I’m about to say goodbye to the little vintage boutique that I’ve worked in for the last two years. The little business is closing thanks to economic pressure, which is heart-breaking.

2. Cover Girl Mirrored Compact in Rose Silk: Yeah it’s cheap. I’m a little cheap.

3. Samsung Propel in Red/White: Seriously awesome phone, way out of our price range, we got ours free with Van’s phone plan!

4. Sonia Kashuk Size 02 Brush: Really nice brush.

5. $100.00 Bill: Thanks Grandpa! I plan on buying some fierce new glasses with it.

6. Red Bic Lighter: My favorite color. No, I don’t smoke cigarettes. Yuck.

7. Silver Change Purse: Couldn’t resist it.

8. Smokey Treat: Yum!

9. Max Factor Lip Gloss in Guilty Pleasures: I have a ton of lip colors and glosses, and they’re all red. I fancy myself a classic, I suppose.

10. Shiny Gold Gloves (circa 1970): The BEST gloves ever, I’ve made tons of pretty girls green with envy over these. I typically pull out this purse, these gloves, and my vintage black and gold butterfly belt, and instantly have a chic look for almost any base. After pulling together colorful outfits for mannequins all day, you really start to understand why so many stylists wear black all the time!

11 – 13 Should be my glasses, lip balm, and keys (which have a super-cute little bandaged heart key-chain!), but I forgot them.

I don’t keep much in my purse, I’m very tidy by nature. For a study in opposites, I’ll turn things over now to Van and Demon – they’ll be your guides for this Manly Bag of Assorted Stage Stuff!

I would like to make it clear that no cats were bagged during the shoot. He’s a good-looking cat, isn’t he?

1. Jansport Backpack: I love my huge backpack. It’s black like everything else.

2. Roll of Gaff Tape: Duct tape is gaff tape’s bitch. Gaff tape will stick to anything but running water.

3. Bottle of Water: Always have a bottle of water.

4. Emergency Poncho: Self-explanatory. It rains.

5. Samsung Propel in Green/Black: My phone is my e-brain. It’s my calender, it’s the most important tool for my job.

6. Plaid Scarf: I have a sport coat with this exact pattern, it’s pimpalicious.

7. Splice Connectors: Little deelies that are used to connect two wires.

8. PAR 64 Ceramic: An electrical component from a theatrical lighting fixture.

9. Bad 10 ft. Edison Cable: I’m going to put new ends on this, and use it to plug things in.

10. Stage Pass/Credentials: This is the thing that gets you in, that proves you work there.

11. Multi-Tool: Yeah. It’s a multi-tool.

12. Portable Toothbrush: I work 20-hour days sometimes, it feels really good to brush your teeth.

13. Trial Size Toothpaste: See above.

14. Shakey Percussion Egg: Found at work, little musical instrument.

15. AA Batteries: I had a lot more.

16. 3-Pin Female to Male 5-Pin DMX Adapter: Adapter for signal cable.

17. Multi-Tool Pouch: Holds my multi-tool.

18. Electrical Tape: Yes.

19. Cell Phone Charger: The one thing I’ve found about the Propel, is that it’s battery life is not great – so I always carry my charger.

20. Knit Gloves: Black, like everything else.

21. Flashlight: Needs some of those AA Batteries…

22. Crescent Wrench: The ubiquitous stage tool. Everyone has one.


November 17, 2008

Through the Looking Glass

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When I read Kristi’s challenge on SLimply the Best, I was intrigued. I’ve said before that I hate changing my shape – I don’t mind a little extra butt in system skirts, and I’ve grown attached to some of Candy’s flaws – but I’ve been making some clothing based on my actual wardrobe, and thought a little comparison sounded fun.

I have a closetful of vintage accessories. The best and worst part of being a window-dresser and vintage buyer are the amazing finds I’m tempted by nearly every day. And the most treasured of them all, is my red belt with the enamel butterfly clasp. Somehow it always adds just the right amount of glamour to any outfit. I spent hours and hours painting it by hand in photoshop, but it was more than worth it to own one in every color. Lately I’ve been pairing it with a high-waisted skirt (in both lives), and based this pleated number Candy’s wearing on the purple skirt I’m wearing in my photo. I chose an underwear-layer tank top by Camie Cooper to free up the jacket and shirt layers for the rest of the outfit, and a nearly identical gold Yummy necklace. My jewelry collection is heavy with antique hearts and lockets and other ladylike things – if the song “I Enjoy Being Girl” comes to mind, I’m not afraid to admit that I actually own and wear petticoats and gloves. A little editing to a Bettie Page scarf, a pair of over-the-knee socks, and things started falling into place. HCT was the perfect place for my two-toned hair, and the length and highlights on Lillian were a dead-ringer. My skin was definitely the hard part, but I found a makeup match in Mela’s Peacock. In the end it was a laugh, and I had a ball doing it. So… who wants to see Van’s pretty face?

Skin: Mela’s – Peacock
Eyes: Lemania Indigo – Esther Williams Eyes
Hair: HCT – Lillian in Exclusive Red
Shirt: It’s All Good – Tank Top
Skirt: Candy-Pants – High-Waisted Skirt in Amethyst (My Design, Un-Released)
Belt: Candy-Pants – Vintage Butterfly Belt in Red (My Design, Un-Released)
Socks: Fleur – Ribbed Knee Socks in Black
Scarf: BP* – Knit Scarf with Corsage (No Corsage Option, Edited)
Necklace: Yummy – Chained Heart Necklace
Ring: Kouse’s Sanctum – Lucid Diamond Ring in Gold
Lashes: Cake – Flutter Lashes

For Slurls, see our Designer Locations page.

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