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December 31, 2008

Dress Me Up Like… Mad Men! (by Cajsa Lilliehook)

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While Van’s busy making the stars shine for all the music fans tonight, I’m ringing in the New Year alone with a bottle of champagne. If you’ve ever watched “Mad Men”, you’ll know that lonely housewives and long hours of work are common in the Draper household. Every New Years Eve, I feel a little bit like Betty.

Don Draper. Workaholic, visionary, lover, liar. If he had a choice, he’d be at the office on New Year’s just like my husband is now. Armidi was the obvious choice for an expensive tailored suit, with a Blaze shirt and tie tinted Don’s signature grey. The Rude Boy hat from Kari is pure 60’s sophistication, worn here with the Petrelli style for a little modern edge. I had to make a pocket square, and threw in a copy of the moon landing newspaper for a little Kennedy-era ambiance. Of course, business necessities like rocks glasses and ashtrays are easily toted in this smart leather briefcase, found OnRez.

Tonight, Betty Draper is all dressed up with no place to go. When I think of her character, I picture this scene in her blue dress and the ugly aftermath. She’s a potent reminder that beauty is very different than happiness. There was no finding her exact dress, so I bought a wildly different blue stunner, the aptly named “All Eyes On Me” dress from Icing. I fell in love at first sight with this design, and when I read it was inspired by Goldfrapp’s Supernature I was completely sold. Rich jewel tones, peacock feathers, AND my favorite band?! Clearly, this was made to be my New Years gift to myself. Paper Couture’s artistic jewelry is the only appropriate embellishment, with matching blue pumps and a jeweled purse fit for any retro trophy wife.

Cajsa, thank you so much for the perfect excuse to do this. My itch is still not scratched, I’m picturing Joan and Roger now…

On Van:
Skin: The Abyss – Scorpio in Dystopia
Hair: Sinistyle – The Petrelli in Rust (Edited to Fit Hat)
Suit: Armidi – Classic Italia Suit in Grey
Shirt and Tie: Blaze – Power Suit (White Options, Tie Tinted Grey)
Shoes: Storm Schmooz – Men’s Black Shoes
Pocket Square and Newspaper: Made by Me
Briefcase: Pukk Abel – Elegant Burgundy Leather Briefcase

Rocks Glass: Neptune Lighting – Shot Glass 1
Ash Tray: No. 3 Feathers Interior – Blue Butterfly Ashtray

On Candy:
Skin: Tuli – Unnamed Skin Version 2 in Light (Past Group Gift)
Eyes: Miriel – The Jeweled Collection in Miriel – Blue Opal
Hair: ETD – Loraine in Blonde
Dress: Icing – All Eyes On Me
Shoes: Maitreya – Group Gift Pumps in Blue
Earrings: Paper Couture – Sapphire and Diamond Earrings
Purse: Rebel Hope – Hope Gown Pillbox Purse in Blue
Manicure: Gianetti – Nails in Punch

LAP – Dude VI
LAP – Material Girl

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December 30, 2008

Dress Me Up Like… Barbie and Ken! (by TearSong Vaughan)

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We’re skipping around our “Dress Me Up” request list, this time to TearSong Vaughan‘s “Barbie and Ken” suggestion! A few of the ideas we were given immediately started my brain sparking, and this vintage toy shoot was among them. Thanks so much for the fun concept, I had a blast!

Naturally, Barbie has far more accessories to choose from. I chose to do “Spotlight Barbie”, a gorgeous classic model from the the 1950’s, but it was no easy task achieving that kind of glamour. I went to both of my go-to vintage dress shops, Ivalde and Ingenue, and did a lot of thinking before selecting Betty Doyle’s “Begin the Beguine”. I could have gone with a long black gown and added the net bustle myself, but my heart really skipped a beat when I saw this dress, and I knew it was the one. The hair was my next challenge, but I stumbled upon a perfect blonde updo from Aoharu, a former group gift (yay!). To help mirror her outfit, I added a rose corsage, a pair of opera-length gloves from Fleur, and made a quick pink scarf in Barbie’s signature color. For jewelry, I chose the elegant stacked black pearl necklace from Paper Couture, and a pink and black cocktail ring to wear with drinks after her performance.

The original Ken came with little more than swim-trucks and a smile, and for me, there is no avatar who rocks this look better. Years ago, when all the guys were sporting badly-textured board shorts, my husband stumbled into Barnes’ Boutique and found the holy grail of men’s retro swimwear. Two years, a couple contest wins, and a few propositions later, they’re still fresh and still his favorite. He’s wearing Nylon Pinkney’s “Gamer Guy” skin, complete with Ken’s trademark painted-on hair. The sandals come complete with sculpted toes (tintable) and texture-change straps, and were a pretty amazing deal from J’s considering they were only L$280. The surfboard was a little more pricey, but it did come with animations and looked a thousand times better than any other I could find, and the hand towel is another great freebie from Bare Rose.

On Candy:
Skin: Rockberry – Lily in Light (POE Hunt Find)
Hair: Aoharu – Nikki in Milky Montblanc
Eyes: Miriel – The Iridescent Collection – Blue Opal
Dress: Ingenue – Begin the Beguine
Shoes: Storm Schmooz – Laque Platforms in Black
Gloves: Fleur – Long Leather Gloves in Black
Necklace: Paper Couture – Black Pearl Necklace
Ring: Barracuda – Reed Ring Rose
Corsage: Twisted and Spoiled – Twisted Rose Dress Pin (Lucky Chair Prize)
Barbie Scarf: Made by Me

On Van:
Skin and Hair: Nylon Pinkney – Gamer Guy Skin (In Your Library Folder)
Eyes: Miriel – The Jeweled Collection – Zircon
Swim Trunks: Barnes’ Boutique – Retro Hawaiian Swimming Trunks in Red
Sandals: J’s – Men’s Belt Sandals (Red Option)
Hand Towel: Bare Rose – Face Towel in White (Free!)
Surfboard: Namiko Surf Shop – Indigo Surfboard

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December 9, 2008

White Roses – Bare Rose Challenge Part II

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With the almost limitless selection at Bare Rose, it’s hard to believe that some people still try to put June Dion’s work in a category. I actually enjoy a little in-world browsing despite the cries of lag, and I’ve eavesdropped on a quite a few confused noobies wondering aloud what kind of store they’re in. If you haven’t figured it out, it’s not just for harajuku nekos or undead robots or even your neighborhood runway queen. It’s for all of the above, and every misfit in-between.

Although I’m not quite the “damsel in distress” type, Van will always be my knight in shining armor. The chest-plate, gauntlets, and other sculpted prims were part of the King’s Armor outfit from this August’s scavenger hunt, one of those rare finds that really is a treasure. His white cloak and clothing-layer chain mail are options from the Mystic Knight outfit, which also includes this fearsome blade. The white studded short boots are perfect for any paladin, and his golden crown is fit for a king. Now, all that’s left is to save the princess and slay the dragon…

I knew I wanted this to be a snowy shoot, and I settled on what I call an ethnic fairy princess look. I chose the fur cape from a bunny costume for my base, and added a gorgeous arctic fox stole from the Nocturne No. 2 geisha outfit. I may not look it but I’m actually Native American, and I always feel powerful wearing items that represent my totem animal, the fox. The scene-stealing masterpiece of a skirt is from the same Nocturne No. 2 kimono, mixed with the top and gloves from the Nirvana outfit. My kanzashi (hair ornament) is from the Nadeshiko kimono dress, and the furred closed fan is from yet another kimono outfit, the Uchikake. I have an almost complete inventory of her geisha costumes, and I’ve never transferred one. Clearly, Winter isn’t the only one with fangs when it come to June Dion’s creations. My rope-work sandals are the Hishi shoes in white, and I added a tiny punch of red with my Gianetti manicure.

See the first tribute here: Dark Roses – Bare Rose Challenge Part I

On Van:
Skin: The Abyss – Scorpio in Dystopia
Eyes: Naughty Designs – Gabriel’s Eyes in Blue-Green
Hair: Armidi – The Cadiz in Red
Chain-Mail Clothing, Gloves, Cloak and Sword: Bare Rose – Mystic Knight in White
Armor and Crown: Bare Rose – King’s Armor (Past Hunt Prize)
Boots: Bare Rose – Studded Short Boots in White

LAP – Dude VII Pack

On Candy:
Skin: Cake – Sierra in Ivory Set 2
Eyes: Miriel – The Arctic Collection – Snow
Hair: Mirai Style – Pani in White
Wrap Shirt and Gloves: Bare Rose – Nirvana Outfit
Skirt and Fox Stole: Bare Rose – Nocturne No. 2
Fur Cape: Bare Rose – White Bunny Outfit
Zori: Bare Rose – Hishi Shoes in White
Kanzashi: Bare Rose – Nadeshiko Kanzashi Hairpin
Fan: Bare Rose – Uchikake Sensu Fan
Manicure: Gianetti Nails and Melee Claws in Crimson Diamond
Lashes: Minnu Models – Dott Lashes (Past Group Gift)

Vain Inc – Model Pack (Past Group Gift)

Curious about some of the vocabulary? See Foreign Fashion Vocab for more information.

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December 6, 2008

Dark Roses – Bare Rose Challenge Part I

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I’m one of those nuts who happens to love this season, and outside it’s our first real snowy day. I thought I’d celebrate with a fashion challenge from a man named for the season itself – Winter Jefferson.

You know it’s time to sound the trumpets when everybody’s favorite verbose vampire issues a call to arms, especially when the revolution is Bare Rose in nature. I don’t know that I agree the store is hidden on the feeds – Van and I tend to feature a piece of June Dion’s work in nearly every post – but it’s more than overdue for special recognition. The options, the prim-work, the immediate “WOW” factor of a Bare Rose creation… there is nothing that inspires me more. I tried to capture that magic with a darkly glamorous mash-up of some of her gothic and fetish clothing; and the moodiness of the REZ sim added the perfect deconstructed edge.

My first and still favorite “goth-lolita” look I purchased at Bare Rose. I still feel sexy and nostalgic every time I wear it, so I started with the skirts from the GL Petite outfit. I remain super impressed with the system-skirt and prim combination it consists of, and I love the garter belt suspenders. From there, I went with a sort of edgy-ornamental look; adding a vinyl jacket with pointy dominatrix shoulder-pads and the statement and outfit-making Cat Mask. I saw these on the wall one day and they were instantly mine (Nooo I didn’t have a clue where I’d wear them, but I knew they’d be perfect for some high-fashion Mariya Nesiote-style costume some day. Turns out I was right!). The purples roses from Nocturne No. 2 add a little color, matched with a pair of lace-patterned tights from the branch $L10 Store. It was about at this point I realized I needed the knee-high ballet boots, and their physics-defying fetishy beauty – okay okay, more like finally had an excuse ;). I’m label-whoring my “BR. TYO” tank, and my bullet necklace and bandanna are from other Bare Rose outfits, rounding out our total to NINE separate folders of awesomeness. Just a fraction of the possibilities, and a tiny portion of my inventory!

I usually do Van’s shopping at Bare Rose, busy with his rock n’ roll job as he always is, and I put this look together for him myself. His every day style is usually somewhere between preppy and hipster, so I get kind of a kick out of buying him wilder, more Second Life oriented costumes. The Hell Jacket is a grungey post-apocalyptic trench, great for nekos and gun-wielding bad-asses. His ripped Revolt 69 jeans and torn Otaku Boy Shirt add some more faux-toughness, tucked into studded black boots fit for a horse or a Harley. As you can see, versatility is one of June Dion’s many middle names. The punky Casablanca belt makes another appearance, with scarf and saftey-pins from the Wakaz-O-Matic outfit. Sinistyle was the only other shop I visited for his look, for the Reznor haircut and his taped fingers. That brings Van’s total to six folders so far, and another installment is still on the way. After all, when can you have too many roses?

On Candy:
Skin: Tuli – Elizabeth in Light, Shy with Freckles (Past Group Gift)
Eyes: Miriel – The Arctic Collection – Snow
Hair: Cake – Lil’ Diva in Currant
Shirt: Bare Rose – Runaway Girl Ally Shirt (Dirty Option)
Jacket: Bare Rose – Decadence
Skirt: Bare Rose – GL Petite Skirts
Tights: Bare Rose – Stockings in Purple (L$10 Store)
Boots: Bare Rose – Ballet Boots in Black
Mask: Bare Rose – Cat Mask in White (Tinted Black)
Hair Roses: Bare Rose – Nocturne No. 2 Roses
Bandanna: Bare Rose – Inferno Scarf
Necklace: Bare Rose – Short Vest Lady Necklace
Gloves: Candy Nail – Finger-Gloves (Black with Pearl Option)

Vain Inc. – Street Pose (Past Hunt Find)

On Van:
Skin: The Abyss – Scorpio in Dystopia
Eyes: Miriel – The Jeweled Collection – Zircon
Hair: Sinistyle – Reznor in Rage
Shirt: Bare Rose – Otaku Boy Ally (C Shirt Option)
Trench Coat: Bare Rose – Hell Fire in Black
Jeans: Bare Rose – Revolt 69 (Damaged Option)
Boots: Bare Rose – Studded Short Boots in Black
Scarf: Bare Rose – Wakaz-O-Matic Scarf (Blue Option)
Belt: Bare Rose – Casablanca Belt (Grey Sash Option)
Buttons and Safety Pins: Bare Rose – Wakaz-O-Matic
Finger Tape and Nail Polish: Sinistyle – Taped Fingers & Black Nails (Index, Middle, and Pinky Option)

LAP – For the Boys Pack (Past Hunt Find)

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November 17, 2008

Through the Looking Glass

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When I read Kristi’s challenge on SLimply the Best, I was intrigued. I’ve said before that I hate changing my shape – I don’t mind a little extra butt in system skirts, and I’ve grown attached to some of Candy’s flaws – but I’ve been making some clothing based on my actual wardrobe, and thought a little comparison sounded fun.

I have a closetful of vintage accessories. The best and worst part of being a window-dresser and vintage buyer are the amazing finds I’m tempted by nearly every day. And the most treasured of them all, is my red belt with the enamel butterfly clasp. Somehow it always adds just the right amount of glamour to any outfit. I spent hours and hours painting it by hand in photoshop, but it was more than worth it to own one in every color. Lately I’ve been pairing it with a high-waisted skirt (in both lives), and based this pleated number Candy’s wearing on the purple skirt I’m wearing in my photo. I chose an underwear-layer tank top by Camie Cooper to free up the jacket and shirt layers for the rest of the outfit, and a nearly identical gold Yummy necklace. My jewelry collection is heavy with antique hearts and lockets and other ladylike things – if the song “I Enjoy Being Girl” comes to mind, I’m not afraid to admit that I actually own and wear petticoats and gloves. A little editing to a Bettie Page scarf, a pair of over-the-knee socks, and things started falling into place. HCT was the perfect place for my two-toned hair, and the length and highlights on Lillian were a dead-ringer. My skin was definitely the hard part, but I found a makeup match in Mela’s Peacock. In the end it was a laugh, and I had a ball doing it. So… who wants to see Van’s pretty face?

Skin: Mela’s – Peacock
Eyes: Lemania Indigo – Esther Williams Eyes
Hair: HCT – Lillian in Exclusive Red
Shirt: It’s All Good – Tank Top
Skirt: Candy-Pants – High-Waisted Skirt in Amethyst (My Design, Un-Released)
Belt: Candy-Pants – Vintage Butterfly Belt in Red (My Design, Un-Released)
Socks: Fleur – Ribbed Knee Socks in Black
Scarf: BP* – Knit Scarf with Corsage (No Corsage Option, Edited)
Necklace: Yummy – Chained Heart Necklace
Ring: Kouse’s Sanctum – Lucid Diamond Ring in Gold
Lashes: Cake – Flutter Lashes

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November 14, 2008

Back in Black!

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After some pretty heavy stuff from Candy the other day, I thought I would kick off our return to blogging with some cool fall looks inspired by AC/DC’s current U.S. tour.

I value simplicity in all things and I think a man looks best when he keeps his style clean and classic. The blazer and scarf combo from Casa del Shai is perfect for the season and no shirt is required, and my checkered sneakers from Armidi bring out the aqua threads in the plaid pattern. I initially experienced buyer’s remorse when I bought the fatpack, but since they’re the only casual shoes I have, I’m glad for the flexibility. You see me wearing these black jeans from Artilleri all the time. What can I say? They look great and work well in my wardrobe.

Here you get a closer look at the pattern and it’s clever prim attachments. Just like real life, it’s hard to find a good pair of glasses, and the Buddy frames from Artilleri are the only ones I wear. They provide a nice filter for my piercing Miriel eyes; a store with tons of tasteful colors for the stylish gentleman.

And now, the exact sexy opposite of simple. With Candy, I like to start at the bottom and work my way up. Her ETD Kristin boots can be had right now for a scant L$30. The textured tights from Veschi are tintable and oh-so-cute for fall, and her skirt and suspenders are a retired Artilleri treasure. I think the plaid shirt layered under an Armidi tee is very cool, it’s a look she likes to dress me in in real life.

Our cornucopia overflows with rock n’ roll accessories! Her prim manicure is a fantastic value from Gianetti. The fatpack includes ten colors and two nail lengths (a standard length and super long cat claws), all for just $L200!!! Even though Candy is a remorseless sinner, she couldn’t resist these angel wings from Sey and a long cruifix from Simply Spoiled. The scarf is a piece of the Send Me Your Sun outfit by Sugar Cube, and her diamond lip ring from Juicy makes another appearance.

On Van:
Skin: The Abyss – Scorpio in Dystopia
Eyes: Miriel – The Arctic Collection – Midnight Sun
Hair: Armidi – The After Party in Sangria
Blazer and Scarf: Casa del Shai – Heath Jacket in Midnight
Jeans: Artilleri – Bobby Jeans in Black
Shoes: Armidi – Checkered Shoes in Blue/Black
Glasses: Artilleri – Buddy Glasses

LAP – Dude VII
Reel Movement – Rockabilly Male

On Candy:
Skin: 42 – Free Skin in Neutral (Free!, obviously)
Eyes: Miriel – Standard Eyes in Light Blue (Free!)
Hair: Boon – UZU22 in Red
Undershirt: Thimbles – Uncle Frank’s Dirty Plaid Shirt (Sleeves Shortened)
Shirt: Armidi – Love Love Me Tee
Suspenders and Skirt: Artilleri – Kyu-to Dress (No Longer Available)
Tights: Veschi – Muffin Top Textured Tights (Tinted Teal)
Shoes: ETD – Kristin Booties in Black (Only L$30 on Sale Now!)
Scarf: Sugar Cube – Send Me Your Sun Neckparts
Earrings: Sey – Prayer Earrings
Necklace: Simply Spoiled – Long Cross Necklace with Black Gems
Lip Piercing: Juicy – Diamond-Encrusted Lip Ring in Black
Lashes: Minnu Models – Thora Lashes
Manicure: Gianetti – Nails and Melee Claws in Jet

LAP – Sweetheart Set
LAP – Material Girl

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August 22, 2008

The Bald and the Beautiful

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Because I don’t have the lalas for a whole lot of Hair Fair, and because I have a bit of a girl-crush on her, I busied myself with Achariya’s “No Attachments at All” challenge!

Yeah it’s every clothing layer imaginable but there’s not a prim to be seen! I’ll be posting my even lower lag (only 2 layers!) shopping look soon. Keep ’em coming ladies, haven’t ya heard that bald is beautiful?

Skin: LF Chai – Vedette in Cinnamon
Eyes: Miriel – Iridescent Collection – Peacock
Shirt: Blaze – Boyfriend Buttondown (Past Group Gift)
Shorts: M&R Cupcakes – Zebra Outfit
Tights: Veschi – Muffin Top Dress Tights (Tinted a Dark Red)
Gloves: Fleur – Leather Gloves in Turquoise (Short Option)
Belt: Ivalde – Birla Belt in Yellow
Necklace: Paper Couture – Dahlia Pantsuit Necklace (Tinted Teal)

Happy Dispatch – Female Pose Pack

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August 10, 2008

Sound Garden

Filed under: Freebie Love,Mix and Match,Theme Outfits — Candy Lemmon @ 12:38 pm

The summer nights are cooling down, and autumn is sneaking back into our wardrobes. One of our favorite fall fashion trends has been an explosive use of patterns; particularly those of the flowered variety. We always love fresh fashion ideas, and you can’t get much fresher than a floral.

Not every man can rock a flower-printed cowboy shirt. It takes courage, a tousled rock-star haircut, and the right accessories, but any truly stylish man can pull it off. (Remember pink, guys? Florals are just the next frontier) Van is a little bit of a Dapper Dan, and reached for a Shai bowtie and his favorite Wrong suspenders to add a little formality, but kept the earthy vibe with some basic cuffed jeans from Artilleri. The paint-splatter freebie shoes play up the colors of his Saya shirt, worn here without socks for a casual feel. His super-sexy hair is by Armidi as usual, and his favorite icy blue eyes are (of course!) from Miriel.

Going through my dollarbies from the Kuri Style opening sale, I fell in love with this skirt and its plaid/floral fusion pattern. Most of the floral outfit mixes in the magazines are made with multiple patterns, creating an almost clashing fashion aesthetic that feels thoroughly modern and cool. I used that inspiration in choosing this ethnic-printed Bare Rose scarf and these plaid stockings, but kept them in similar shades for a little more approachability. My puffed-sleeve shirt is Aoharu, making it’s third appearance, and illustrating a point of view Van and I are proud to voice: “If you have one, wear it!” There is no need to buy a new pair of jeans if you’ve got a great vintage pair already. Wear your oldies with pride! The boots are by PixelDolls, scripted to change color and magically match anything you own, and need to be imported out of the virtual world, now. My curly pony was a past release gift from House of Heart, a store which is packed with amazing hairstyles of every kind, AND is always generously giving away samples of their newest designs with each update. And my skin is the recent Cupcakes and Rosemar collaboration skin gift, a beautiful blend of both designers’ talent.

On Van:
Skin: The Abyss – Scorpio in Dystopia
Eyes: Miriel – Jeweled Collection – Zircon
Hair: Armidi – The After Party in Red
Shirt: Saya – Flower Style Outfit
Pants: Artilleri – Bobby Jeans in Black
Shoes: Shiny Things – Painter Shoes
Bowtie: Casa del Shai – The Classic Tuxedo Bowtie
Suspenders: Wrong – Suspenders in White

On Candy:
Skin: Rosemar and Cupcakes – Birthday Suit Skin – Freebie #2 in Cameo
Eyes: Miriel – Light Blue (Realistic Size, Free Wearable Demo!)
Hair: House of Heart – Ginnifer in Platinum
Shirt: Aoharu – Gingham Balloon Dress Puffed Blouse
Skirt and Socks: Kuri Style – Rose Outfit
Boots: PixelDolls – Desert Boots (Black Option)
Scarf: Bare Rose – Peepul Outfit (Pink Option)
Manicure: Gianetti – Nails & Melee Claws in Rose Diamond
Lashes: Cake – Flutter Lashes

LAP – Dude VI
Kuri Style (Only L$10 for three poses!)

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August 3, 2008

Lucky Kitty

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It’s Lucky Chair madness!!! Almost everywhere you go these days, there’s a board or a chair promising untold riches – and all you have to do is wait for your letter. This festive mini-kimono look has been a flawless good luck charm.

Summer is always a busy time for us (poor Van is working 18-hour days lighting up the summer rock shows), and SL play-time has unfortunately been cut back. But I have been using those precious hours wisely, to catch up on all the amazing freebies I’ve been missing. First stop was Beanie Loves Japan!, a lovely and indispensable guide to Japanese content on the grid, where I spied these anime-influenced eyes. From there I headed out to snag the B11 mall opening gifts, especially this gorgeous makeup by Heaven Sella which is funky, free, and comes with three color combos. I found this “Lucky Cat” mini-kimono at a neko and child avatar store called Green Apple. It was only L$150, so I didn’t feel too anxious gambling on a child’s outfit, but as you can see it fits us adults just dandy. I recently went back and bought the extra 8 obi belt options as well, for only L$30. My yummy pink and blue ice cream bar is available in the Aoharu lucky chair now, and the only actual lucky find I’m featuring, but most if not all these stores listed do feature lucky items (No less than 5 of which I won while Slurl hunting. It really is a lucky kimono!).

Yes, those ARE lucky cats in my shoes! These platforms are the first shoes I’ve bought in ages – for some reason they’re the hardest thing for me to spend money on – and I’ll tell you right now that I’m in love. She’s So Unusual Shoes! is fast becoming my favorite footwear stop, thanks to the original and wonderfully creative designs (not too mention the appealing price tags!). I even had an opportunity to brag on them recently when I ran into the always lovely and fashionable Miss. Olivia Connaught, part of the Free*Style team and thusly one of my heroes. I wanted to keep my hairstyle cute and young, so I chose these messy buns from ETD and added a couple of sweet hair-clips for good measure. The bow was a free gift from Accessories by Eolande, a store I hadn’t visited before the recent Ohana Isle hunt, and the pale pink daisy is part of the October Kanzashi set from Flower & Willow. I’ve spent a fortune on my kanzashi obsession, and I only want more. My tabi (separated toe socks) knee-highs were part of the free kimono available from Giorno Brando, and the jeweled nails are part of a staggering 100 free manicure gloves from Nonon Labs. Thanks Beanie! The goldfish fan was only $L8 from Demi Demi, with many more patterns available, including one with pretty particle fireflies.

Skin: Heaven’s Skin & Shape – Yuko Make Pop (B Option, Free!)
Eyes: Cabochon Eyes in Ajisai (Free!)
Hair: ETD – Brittany in Red
Mini Kimono and Obi: Green Apple – Kimono Dress in Blue Lagoon
Tabi: Giorno Brando – L$0 Kimono (Free, obviously!)
Platforms: She’s So Unusual Shoes! – Mishi’s Lucky Cat Platforms
Hair Bow: Accessories by Eolande – Bow for ETD Phoebe (Pink Texture, Free!)
Hair Flower: Flower & Willow – October Maiko Kanzashi (Pink Option)
Manicure: Nonon Labs – Nail 52 Pink (Free!)
Fan: Demi Demi – Goldfish Uchiwa Fan (Only L$8!)
Ice Cream Bar: Aoharu – Ice Candy 001 (Lucky Chair Item!)

Izumiya Poses
Digital Dragon Designs – Vintage Pin-Up 1

Curious about some of the vocabulary? See Foreign Fashion Vocab for more information.

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July 5, 2008

Homme Sweet Homme

Filed under: Mix and Match,Theme Outfits — Van Kline @ 11:44 pm

I’ve been looking forward to doing another individual post for quite a while now, and I found a look that really inspires me in Christian Dior’s Spring/Summer line for 2009.

I prefer dressed-up to dressed-down for any occasion, and I always look great in classic black and white. I love the way designer Kris Van Assche has made it look super fresh and modern by injecting a dose of strong color. I think if there’s one look for guys to take away from Paris fashion week, this is the one.

As soon as I saw the photo from the runway show I thought of this zip-up vest from Aoharu; the color, sheen, and construction are all right on. The vest comes with some Super-Saiyan shoulder attachments, but I decided to leave them off because I wanted to maintain the clean, tailored feel of the menswear line. The shiny texture of the Casa del Shai Adulterer pants matches perfectly with the tie from my Blaze Power Suit, and these high-gloss dress shoes are a staple in my inventory. I chose a hairstyle with a little bit of an edge to compliment the very modern look.

A quick trip through wardrobe and I am back on the runway. I mostly have Candy and Bare Rose to thank for this outfit. The leather jacket comes with four tough-guy designs on the back and a plain version which I’m wearing here. These pinstriped pants are from the Phantom outfit by Bare Rose and Candy was the one to notice how well they went with the jacket. A little bit of color makes a big impact, and this dark blue bow-tie really pops against a monochrome outfit. I blogged these white leather shoes from Redgrave waaaay back when I was the first guy to win a Closet Crisis fashion event and they are still a favorite of mine. I seem to say that about a lot of my shoes…. can’t they all be my favorite?

Skin: The Abyss – Scorpio in Dystopia
Eyes: Miriel – The Arctic Collection – Arctic Ocean
Hair: Armidi – The Individual in Hazelberry
Shirt and Tie: Blaze – The Power Suit (White Dress Shirt and Black Tie Options)
Vest: Aoharu – Zip-Up Vest in Wine Red
Pants: Casa del Shai – The Adulterer Suit
Socks: Jeepers Creepers – Grey Socks
Shoes: Storm Schmooz – Men’s Black Shoes

Skin: The Abyss – Scorpio in Dystopia
Eyes: Miriel – The Arctic Collection – Arctic Ocean
Hair: SiniStyle – The Petrelli in Rage
Shirt: Casa del Shai – The Southern Comfort Suit White Linen Shirt
Jacket: Bare Rose – Black Leather Jacket (Regular Option)
Pants: Bare Rose – Phantom Outfit
Socks: Jeepers Creepers – Grey Socks
Shoes: Redgrave – White Leather Shoes
Bow-tie: Casa del Shai – The Classic Tuxedo Bowtie (Tinted Blue)

LAP – Dude VII Set
Happy Dispatch – Men’s Pose Pack

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