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December 7, 2008

To Grandma’s House We Go! (Verse 1)

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The Holidays are almost here, and Santa’s already leaving presents under the tree. I’ve been busy hunting and gathering all over the grid, but it’s always nice to take a little time out to spend a quiet cozy night with friends and family. This month we’re taking some time to appreciate Grandma, whose crazy vintage wardrobe always keeps us warm… and cool.

On my first trip to the store, I immediately started shopping for Van. He’s always up for rocking a nice floral, and the overall retro aesthetic is perfect for a stylish guy with a little charisma and individuality. Of course, there’s even more for the ladies, and all at prices ranging L$30-L$100! We took a little trip back to the scenic Tesh Garden Center for some holiday shopping, and stopped to take these shots of our favorite winter-weather options.

The striped blazer is the warmest menswear option available, which Van has paired here with the snappy plaid slacks. The layered floral button-down adds another subtle pattern, with a splashy pink bow-tie from a free Anubis Style outfit. I edited a Bare Rose scarf to drape around his shoulders for a little extra warmth, and he chose his favorite red Storm Schmooz shoes to match. He fell in love with Starley’s white hair textures back at the launch of the Quad, and it seems a perfect choice for shopping on a snowy day. Add a pair of black Paper Couture gloves to match, and he’s fit to chop down any virtual tree.

My look is usually a bit more colorful, and I’ve been loving pinks and lavender this season. I started with the maze shortcoat from Grandma, threw on a bright pair of Emery jeans, and tucked them into these fantastic knitted socks (probably my favorite buy from the store, and only 30 linden!). I bought every color of the ETD rain boots as soon as I heard about the L$35 sale, and the pink shade works great for this look. The blue Aoharu scarf and purple mittens matched perfectly and were no-brainers, and I decided to add a slew of fluffy white accessories to the mix. My ear-muffs were an advent gift from Sway’s Creations, the charm corsage is a Jetcity freebie, and the fluffy fur key-chain is a Love Soul Christmas gift from the Copain group. The cute braided hairdo is from TekuTeku, and my skin was (I believe) a past freebie from Di Chantilly; but I could no longer find the store in world.

On Van:
Skin: The Abyss – Scorpio in Dystopia
Eyes: Naughty Designs – Gabriel’s Blue Eyes in Blue-Green
Hair: Celestial Studios – Devyn in Pearl (Black Hat Texture)
Shirt: Grandma – W Flower Shirt
Blazer: Grandma – R&B Stripe Jacket
Pants: Grandma – G Check Pants
Shoes: Storm Schmooz – Men’s Red Shoes
Gloves: Paper Couture – Painted Tipping Outfit Gloves
Bow-tie: Anubis Style – Farfallino Uomo Grobino Giorno Outfit Bow-tie (Free!)
Scarf: Bare Rose – Wakaz-O-Matic Scarf in Red

LAP – Dude VII Pack

On Candy:
Skin: Di Chantilly – Jessica (No Slurl Available)
Eyes: Miriel – The Arctic Collection – Snow
Hair: TekuTeku – Anne in Red
Coat: Grandma – Simple Maze Shortcoat
Pants: Emery – Dial a Cliche Violet Jeans
Socks: Grandma – Blue Knit Socks
Boots: ETD – Rain Boots in Pink
Ear-Muffs: Sway’s Creations (Advent Gift)
Scarf: Aoharu – Chiffon Wide Scarf in Blue
Charm Corsage: Jetcity – Jetcity Accessory 1 (Attached to Right Shoulder, Free!)
Mittens: Sweeter than Candy – Multi-Knit Mittens (Free!)
Fur Key-Chain: Love Soul – Christmas Fur Key-Chain (Copain Group Gift, L$200 Enrollment Fee)

Lotta – Shopping Bags (Past Freebie)

Happy Dispatch – Female Pose Pack

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December 6, 2008

Dark Roses – Bare Rose Challenge Part I

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I’m one of those nuts who happens to love this season, and outside it’s our first real snowy day. I thought I’d celebrate with a fashion challenge from a man named for the season itself – Winter Jefferson.

You know it’s time to sound the trumpets when everybody’s favorite verbose vampire issues a call to arms, especially when the revolution is Bare Rose in nature. I don’t know that I agree the store is hidden on the feeds – Van and I tend to feature a piece of June Dion’s work in nearly every post – but it’s more than overdue for special recognition. The options, the prim-work, the immediate “WOW” factor of a Bare Rose creation… there is nothing that inspires me more. I tried to capture that magic with a darkly glamorous mash-up of some of her gothic and fetish clothing; and the moodiness of the REZ sim added the perfect deconstructed edge.

My first and still favorite “goth-lolita” look I purchased at Bare Rose. I still feel sexy and nostalgic every time I wear it, so I started with the skirts from the GL Petite outfit. I remain super impressed with the system-skirt and prim combination it consists of, and I love the garter belt suspenders. From there, I went with a sort of edgy-ornamental look; adding a vinyl jacket with pointy dominatrix shoulder-pads and the statement and outfit-making Cat Mask. I saw these on the wall one day and they were instantly mine (Nooo I didn’t have a clue where I’d wear them, but I knew they’d be perfect for some high-fashion Mariya Nesiote-style costume some day. Turns out I was right!). The purples roses from Nocturne No. 2 add a little color, matched with a pair of lace-patterned tights from the branch $L10 Store. It was about at this point I realized I needed the knee-high ballet boots, and their physics-defying fetishy beauty – okay okay, more like finally had an excuse ;). I’m label-whoring my “BR. TYO” tank, and my bullet necklace and bandanna are from other Bare Rose outfits, rounding out our total to NINE separate folders of awesomeness. Just a fraction of the possibilities, and a tiny portion of my inventory!

I usually do Van’s shopping at Bare Rose, busy with his rock n’ roll job as he always is, and I put this look together for him myself. His every day style is usually somewhere between preppy and hipster, so I get kind of a kick out of buying him wilder, more Second Life oriented costumes. The Hell Jacket is a grungey post-apocalyptic trench, great for nekos and gun-wielding bad-asses. His ripped Revolt 69 jeans and torn Otaku Boy Shirt add some more faux-toughness, tucked into studded black boots fit for a horse or a Harley. As you can see, versatility is one of June Dion’s many middle names. The punky Casablanca belt makes another appearance, with scarf and saftey-pins from the Wakaz-O-Matic outfit. Sinistyle was the only other shop I visited for his look, for the Reznor haircut and his taped fingers. That brings Van’s total to six folders so far, and another installment is still on the way. After all, when can you have too many roses?

On Candy:
Skin: Tuli – Elizabeth in Light, Shy with Freckles (Past Group Gift)
Eyes: Miriel – The Arctic Collection – Snow
Hair: Cake – Lil’ Diva in Currant
Shirt: Bare Rose – Runaway Girl Ally Shirt (Dirty Option)
Jacket: Bare Rose – Decadence
Skirt: Bare Rose – GL Petite Skirts
Tights: Bare Rose – Stockings in Purple (L$10 Store)
Boots: Bare Rose – Ballet Boots in Black
Mask: Bare Rose – Cat Mask in White (Tinted Black)
Hair Roses: Bare Rose – Nocturne No. 2 Roses
Bandanna: Bare Rose – Inferno Scarf
Necklace: Bare Rose – Short Vest Lady Necklace
Gloves: Candy Nail – Finger-Gloves (Black with Pearl Option)

Vain Inc. – Street Pose (Past Hunt Find)

On Van:
Skin: The Abyss – Scorpio in Dystopia
Eyes: Miriel – The Jeweled Collection – Zircon
Hair: Sinistyle – Reznor in Rage
Shirt: Bare Rose – Otaku Boy Ally (C Shirt Option)
Trench Coat: Bare Rose – Hell Fire in Black
Jeans: Bare Rose – Revolt 69 (Damaged Option)
Boots: Bare Rose – Studded Short Boots in Black
Scarf: Bare Rose – Wakaz-O-Matic Scarf (Blue Option)
Belt: Bare Rose – Casablanca Belt (Grey Sash Option)
Buttons and Safety Pins: Bare Rose – Wakaz-O-Matic
Finger Tape and Nail Polish: Sinistyle – Taped Fingers & Black Nails (Index, Middle, and Pinky Option)

LAP – For the Boys Pack (Past Hunt Find)

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November 21, 2008


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I’m never been a big shoe-shopper. Unless I’m missing something important, there’s a truly amazing sale, or I’m close to leaving the house barefoot, I never buy them. Rowan Carroll’s shoes fit into a separate category: wearable art.

When I read the sad news about Unusual Isle closing, I knew I wanted to blog something really special. I’m a huge fan of her imaginative prim-work, as you can see in my “Lucky Kitty” post and in “Funk Me Pumps“; and these shoes illustrate all the reasons why. My favorite of her designs boast a clever concept, intricate prim construction, and always make me feel distinctive and original. Her Carmen wedges are a perfect example of those qualities, and are sexy and fun to boot. I decided to let them take me away, and ended up dressed as their namesake, the inimitable Carmen Miranda. With her for inspiration, they’re clearly dancing shoes, and work just as well in a nightclub or on dusty roads. Just don’t forget your trusty tambourine!

I always wear my darkest Chai skins when I want to be beautiful and striking, and Carmen certainly was both of those things. I went with a House of Heart style with a simple bun that made it easier to construct my turban, which is attached in two places and based on a Bare Rose bandanna and an Artilleri scarf. I bought a sculpty banana OnRez for L$30 before finding the sculpt map in my own library, and made the apples and grapes myself. The feather are sleeves of a gown, tinted white. Her high-waisted flamenco skirts and ruffled tops stretched my styling muscles, but I think I captured the feeling with a puffed sleeve from an Aoharu dress, and a Celestial Studios bandeau. I edited the length of my skirt pleats all around to mimic that rumba-style graduated fluff, and added a jacket-layer corset to heighten the waist. Ropes of gold necklaces from Bonita’s and Second Mirage catch the light and clinking bangles add music to my movements. Care to join me for a weekend in Havana?

Stop by the new She’s So Unusual Shoes location today! Thistledown (221, 131, 25)

Shoes: She’s So Unusual Shoes! – Carmen Platforms
Skin: LF Chai – Antonia in Cinnamon
Eyes: Lemania Indigo – Esther Williams Eyes
Hair: House of Heart – Ballerina in Black
Bikini Top: Celestial Studios – Bandeau Bikini Top
Shoulder Ruffle: Aoharu – Jewel Horse Dress in White
Pant Layer: G.L.A.M. – Chiffon Babydoll Dress
Skirt: Ceres Clothiers – Dotty Marilyn Dress Skirt (Edited a LOT)
Corset: CheerGirl allen – Champagne Corset (Only $L10!)
Small Chain Necklace: Bonita’s Jewelry – Platinum Chain Necklace
Triple Chain Necklace: Second Mirage – Tory Necklaces in Gold
Bangles: Yak & Yeti – Indian Devdas Glass Bangle Set in Red (Wear All Together and Hand Attachment Options)
Manicure: Candy Nail – Basic Nails in Gold
Lashes: Cake – Flutter Lashes

Scarf A: Bare Rose – Trench Coat Scarf (Worn on Chin, Edited to Fit)
Scarf B: Artilleri – Silky Scarf in Yellow (Tinted Green, Worn on Mouth, and Edited to Fit)
Feathers: DeFleur Fashions – Ariella Feather Sleeve (Tinted White, Edited to Fit)
Bananas: yamazaki Loon – Banana
All other fruits and crappy tambourine made lovingly by me.

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November 19, 2008

Coat Check

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The autumn leaves have tumbled past my windows for weeks. Yesterday, the first snowflakes fell. I can’t tell you which was sweeter – their beauty, or my sadness for the season’s change – but I smiled, just the same.

Growing up, I always dreamed about the winter fashion issues of the magazines, but lived a reality in my sister’s hand-me-down coats. Today, I have a lot of pride in my ability to thrift and re-purpose old clothes in new ways – and I’ve carried that over into my second closet as well! Today I’ll go from fall to winter in Little Rebel’s plaid trench coat, as quick as a haircut and a scene change.

I’m not the kind of girl who’s afraid of the big bad wind, so I rolled up my sleeves and left my legs bare to the ankle in these cozy knit socks from Kuri Style. I settled on a boho-hipster feeling with some shiny buckled flats in a punchy red, and a Bare Rose scarf with a few strands of beads. I don’t mix metals, so my G.L.A.M. waist-cincher was literally a great fit. Naturally, whenever I need a knit cap, I always turn to this Cake hairstyle with its many scripted textures.

Every 20-something fashionista needs a pair of aviators, especially in a traffic-cop amber color like this Laqroki pair. My prim nails are the orangey-red version of Candy Nail’s profile reward manicure, scripted with 3 other edgy color combinations. For both looks, I chose Miriel’s watercolor eyes to echo the aqua and violet tones of the plaid jacket, and a Nylon skin with flushed cheeks for that brisk winter-weather look.

First snow! I’m listening to “Vespertine” and “Felt Mountain”, and Dean Martin’s “Baby, It’s Cold Outside!” – what’s on your player? I threw on a pair of plum tights from Fleur, some stripey earmuffs, and buckled on some fur from Antonia Marat’s “Kat’s Meow” coat. I love these mixable furry bits, they kept me warm through last year’s second winter. A pair of black ETD booties to match, a fluffy white skirt for girly appeal, and a classic Blaze button-down finishes the look.

This so, SO cute braided hairdo is a BP* treasure in the challenging MnM acorn hunt. Yes, it was a little confusing, but not only are the prizes fantastic, Creamy Cooljoke has laid it all out for us HERE. THANK YOU! In this closeup you can see the blushing cheeks and subtle teal eyeliner that make this skin a cold-weather favorite of mine. To finish it off, I added some stardusted prim nails from Love Soul and pinned a delicate gold flower to my collar for sparkle.

Skin: Nylon Outfitters – Urban Eyes in Pearl
Eyes: Miriel – The Multicolor Collection – Watercolor
Hair and Cap: Cake – Boho in Burgundy
Jacket: Little Rebel – Trench Jacket
Socks: Kuri Style – One-Piece 93 Knit Socks
Shoes: Style Magazine – Roger Vivier Chips Tacco Flats (Free!)
Belt: G.L.A.M. – Waist Cincher with Gold Embellishment
Scarf and Necklaces: Bare Rose – Tietop Bolero Outfit (Blue Option)
Sunglasses: Laqroki – Pilot Shades in Brown
Manicure: Candy Nail – Abstract Nails (Orange Option, Free Gift for Profile Picks!)

Skin: Nylon Outfitters – Urban Eyes in Pearl
Eyes: Miriel – The Multicolor Collection – Watercolor
Hair: BP* – Autumn Loose Braid (Hunt Find!)
Shirt: Blaze – Boyfriend Button-down (Past Group Gift)
Coat: Little Rebel – Trench Jacket
Collar and Cuffs: Artilleri – Kat’s Meow Coat (Black Fur Option)
Skirt: Digit Darkes – Flexi Bubble Skirt in White
Tights: Fleur – Opaque Tights in Plum
Shoes: ETD – Kristin Booties in Black
Earmuffs: KA Designs – Colored Earmuffs
Brooch: Baiastice – Grandma Outfit Brooch (Past Group Gift)
Manicure: Love Soul – Starry Sky in Purple

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November 17, 2008

Through the Looking Glass

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When I read Kristi’s challenge on SLimply the Best, I was intrigued. I’ve said before that I hate changing my shape – I don’t mind a little extra butt in system skirts, and I’ve grown attached to some of Candy’s flaws – but I’ve been making some clothing based on my actual wardrobe, and thought a little comparison sounded fun.

I have a closetful of vintage accessories. The best and worst part of being a window-dresser and vintage buyer are the amazing finds I’m tempted by nearly every day. And the most treasured of them all, is my red belt with the enamel butterfly clasp. Somehow it always adds just the right amount of glamour to any outfit. I spent hours and hours painting it by hand in photoshop, but it was more than worth it to own one in every color. Lately I’ve been pairing it with a high-waisted skirt (in both lives), and based this pleated number Candy’s wearing on the purple skirt I’m wearing in my photo. I chose an underwear-layer tank top by Camie Cooper to free up the jacket and shirt layers for the rest of the outfit, and a nearly identical gold Yummy necklace. My jewelry collection is heavy with antique hearts and lockets and other ladylike things – if the song “I Enjoy Being Girl” comes to mind, I’m not afraid to admit that I actually own and wear petticoats and gloves. A little editing to a Bettie Page scarf, a pair of over-the-knee socks, and things started falling into place. HCT was the perfect place for my two-toned hair, and the length and highlights on Lillian were a dead-ringer. My skin was definitely the hard part, but I found a makeup match in Mela’s Peacock. In the end it was a laugh, and I had a ball doing it. So… who wants to see Van’s pretty face?

Skin: Mela’s – Peacock
Eyes: Lemania Indigo – Esther Williams Eyes
Hair: HCT – Lillian in Exclusive Red
Shirt: It’s All Good – Tank Top
Skirt: Candy-Pants – High-Waisted Skirt in Amethyst (My Design, Un-Released)
Belt: Candy-Pants – Vintage Butterfly Belt in Red (My Design, Un-Released)
Socks: Fleur – Ribbed Knee Socks in Black
Scarf: BP* – Knit Scarf with Corsage (No Corsage Option, Edited)
Necklace: Yummy – Chained Heart Necklace
Ring: Kouse’s Sanctum – Lucid Diamond Ring in Gold
Lashes: Cake – Flutter Lashes

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November 15, 2008

House of Heart-Shaped Glasses

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Outside summer may be long gone, but here in our windlight-world your poolside style doesn’t have to be. I slipped into a virtual bikini and did some beach bumming around the beautiful Las Arenas Rosadas (Click HERE for the original gangster “Who Let the Dorks Out” post about this stunning locale) for another look at the label-defying hairstyles from House of Heart.

I’m no longer surprised by the variety of styles that Sheltered Heart is able to create, and this batch was a perfect representation of that. I liked the idea of doing a dressed-up/dressed-down comparison again, although in this case, my “dressed-up” is pretty close to un-dressed. Back in early September when I started this post, there was still a little Autumn heat. Besides, everybody knows that sand feels better on naked feet.

With a long, lush ponytail like this, you could easily go day or night. I went with a beachy casual look, in a pair of classic white Karamia jeans and my favorite bikini-top: a leopard-print bandeau from a Blaze safari costume. The Nylon lolita shades pay homage to my favorite book, worn with a matching necklace from the same store, and I capped it off with some bright red polish.

I have a serious crush on side ponies of all kinds, and Sable is just my style. With the side-sweeping bang and loose knot at the side, it’s modern but still soft, and undeniably sexy. The length is somewhere between glamorous and bohemian, which makes it really versatile and fun to accessorize – at the beach or in the ballroom. I chose a sun-kissed Tuli skin for my setting, the “Elizabeth”, which may be her most beautiful yet.

For this look, I went into the very depths of my closet for one of my secret passions and first purchases ever. The Tousled Isabella is for showgirls only, and I knew just the stage to set. Or backstage, rather. As an amateur burly girl (or burlesque performer) and vintage-lover in real life, a lot of my early days in here were spent in search of retro content. I’ve been imagining a shoot like this for some time, and this hairstyle finally gave me a reason to feather up!

A peacock burlesque costume from Reasonable Desires is my base, worn without the gorgeous feathered train and headdress. Fleur’s long leather gloves and a pair of over-the-knee boots from the The Abyss were the obvious choice for shiny black sex-appeal, and echo the sequined cap. I went to Mika, a vintage showgirl shop, and found several perfect feathered fans before choosing this one; and I added a pair of flashy art deco-inspired eyelashes from Cake.

With Tousled Isabella, it’s really a case of more is more. A fan of black feathers in a sparkling sequined cap is perfect for performing, paired with spiral curls and a complicated bun. Sexy updo’s are a must for private dancing, and guess what? It looks great with heels. My smoky silver eye makeup is thanks to another insanely pretty Tuli Asturias creation, a gift to us lucky group members.

Hair: House of Heart – Sable in Blonde
Skin: Tuli – Elizabeth in Sunkissed/Freckled (Past Group Gift)
Eyes: FTL – Ajisai Eyes
Bikini Top: Blaze – Safari Outfit Leopard Bandeau Top
Pants: Karamia – White Denim
Necklace: Nylon Outfitters – 4 Strand Red Necklace
Sunglasses: Nylon Outfitters – Lolita Heart Sunglasses
Manicure: Candy Nail – Freebie Nail #5
Pedicure: Awesome Designs – Glitter Nails in Maroon

AnnaH – ? Pose Pack (Past Hunt Find)

Hair: House of Heart – Tousled Isabella in Lychee
Skin: Tuli – Emily in Coal/Freckled (Past Group Gift)
Eyes: Miriel – The Iridescent Collection – Peacock
Lingerie and Stockings: Reasonable Desires – Peacock Showgirl Outfit
Shoes: The Abyss – Catalyst Boots in Black
Gloves: Fleur – Leather Gloves in Black
Fan: Mika – Carnival Fan in Black
Cigarette and Holder: Persona – Cigarette Holder (Free! Left Hand Option)
Lashes: Cake – Deco Lashes

Available Props:
Curtains: Relic – Balloon Shades (Tinted a Dark Blue)
Chandelier: Decollage – Chandelier
Picture Frame: YIPs – Frame Friends Picker (Free!)
Table: YIPs – Hotel Tables (Available Free! at the Free*Style Home)
Gramophone: Serendipity Victrolas – Fiona Fair Edition Gramophone
Book: MarillaAnne’s Grey Hare – The Merry Tales of Robin Hood Library Book (Past Hunt Find)
Small Painting: Dahaus – Bouguereau – The Wave (Part of Vain Inc Group Gift)
Vase of Roses: Dahaus – Sweet Vase (Part of Vain Inc Group Gift)

LAP – The Cat’s Meow

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November 14, 2008

Back in Black!

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After some pretty heavy stuff from Candy the other day, I thought I would kick off our return to blogging with some cool fall looks inspired by AC/DC’s current U.S. tour.

I value simplicity in all things and I think a man looks best when he keeps his style clean and classic. The blazer and scarf combo from Casa del Shai is perfect for the season and no shirt is required, and my checkered sneakers from Armidi bring out the aqua threads in the plaid pattern. I initially experienced buyer’s remorse when I bought the fatpack, but since they’re the only casual shoes I have, I’m glad for the flexibility. You see me wearing these black jeans from Artilleri all the time. What can I say? They look great and work well in my wardrobe.

Here you get a closer look at the pattern and it’s clever prim attachments. Just like real life, it’s hard to find a good pair of glasses, and the Buddy frames from Artilleri are the only ones I wear. They provide a nice filter for my piercing Miriel eyes; a store with tons of tasteful colors for the stylish gentleman.

And now, the exact sexy opposite of simple. With Candy, I like to start at the bottom and work my way up. Her ETD Kristin boots can be had right now for a scant L$30. The textured tights from Veschi are tintable and oh-so-cute for fall, and her skirt and suspenders are a retired Artilleri treasure. I think the plaid shirt layered under an Armidi tee is very cool, it’s a look she likes to dress me in in real life.

Our cornucopia overflows with rock n’ roll accessories! Her prim manicure is a fantastic value from Gianetti. The fatpack includes ten colors and two nail lengths (a standard length and super long cat claws), all for just $L200!!! Even though Candy is a remorseless sinner, she couldn’t resist these angel wings from Sey and a long cruifix from Simply Spoiled. The scarf is a piece of the Send Me Your Sun outfit by Sugar Cube, and her diamond lip ring from Juicy makes another appearance.

On Van:
Skin: The Abyss – Scorpio in Dystopia
Eyes: Miriel – The Arctic Collection – Midnight Sun
Hair: Armidi – The After Party in Sangria
Blazer and Scarf: Casa del Shai – Heath Jacket in Midnight
Jeans: Artilleri – Bobby Jeans in Black
Shoes: Armidi – Checkered Shoes in Blue/Black
Glasses: Artilleri – Buddy Glasses

LAP – Dude VII
Reel Movement – Rockabilly Male

On Candy:
Skin: 42 – Free Skin in Neutral (Free!, obviously)
Eyes: Miriel – Standard Eyes in Light Blue (Free!)
Hair: Boon – UZU22 in Red
Undershirt: Thimbles – Uncle Frank’s Dirty Plaid Shirt (Sleeves Shortened)
Shirt: Armidi – Love Love Me Tee
Suspenders and Skirt: Artilleri – Kyu-to Dress (No Longer Available)
Tights: Veschi – Muffin Top Textured Tights (Tinted Teal)
Shoes: ETD – Kristin Booties in Black (Only L$30 on Sale Now!)
Scarf: Sugar Cube – Send Me Your Sun Neckparts
Earrings: Sey – Prayer Earrings
Necklace: Simply Spoiled – Long Cross Necklace with Black Gems
Lip Piercing: Juicy – Diamond-Encrusted Lip Ring in Black
Lashes: Minnu Models – Thora Lashes
Manicure: Gianetti – Nails and Melee Claws in Jet

LAP – Sweetheart Set
LAP – Material Girl

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November 10, 2008

See the Beauty: Editorial

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This is an impulsive blog. Van and I have been away from SL and the blogging scene for a few months and I’m returning with several review posts to share. All of them are complimentary and enthusiastic, like everything that we take the time to photograph and write. If you’ve read the feed today, you may know why I feel compelled to speak.

It may be just be because of my time off, but I don’t understand this new trend of criticizing someone’s style of blogging, particularly for being positive or reviewing something you think is of a lesser quality. It’s some-one else’s personal expression, hard work, and point of view that you’re attacking! Who has the right to judge taste level, sincerity, and completely subjective concepts like “quality”?

I didn’t read the SL Secret, but I first noticed this whole “pooping rainbows” movement when I was browsing Efemera Bisiani‘s posts, catching up on some of what I’ve missed with a beautifully photographed and stylish blog. A colorful post caught my eye, full of comment activity (I assumed) because of the great look – instead it was all related to a seperate blog post by JellyBean Madison “Walk of Shame – Bad Blogger, You don’t get to play!“, a point by point editorial. In it she criticizes the designer’s ability, questions his reviewers honesty and judgement, and is openly insulting to those who would disagree. I personally found it incredibly offensive and viscious, especially the cheap shots hurled at the creator. An honest opinion is one thing, but there is nothing constructive about that kind of criticism.

Talking down to your audience, insulting your peers, that doesn’t make you an expert. People run their blogs for different reasons, in different ways, and of course you’re going to love some and hate the way things are done in others. I’m not even asking you to keep it to yourselves, because I love discussion and I’m curious what people really think about things – but keep some perspective! Your personal opinions about quality, about subject matter, they aren’t universal. Enough with the sarcasm, we’re all here for the fashion and no-one’s sense of style is so elevated that they’re able to speak for everyone. There is no standard of practices for the second life fashion community, and there’s room for us all to do what we love. Why spend so much time writing about what you hate?

September 10, 2008

Candy Lemmon (Away)

Filed under: Announcements — Van Kline @ 6:42 am

Greetings everyone, we will be taking some time off so Candy can deal with some RL stuff.  Keep watching, we will return in a couple of weeks!

August 22, 2008

The Bald and the Beautiful

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Because I don’t have the lalas for a whole lot of Hair Fair, and because I have a bit of a girl-crush on her, I busied myself with Achariya’s “No Attachments at All” challenge!

Yeah it’s every clothing layer imaginable but there’s not a prim to be seen! I’ll be posting my even lower lag (only 2 layers!) shopping look soon. Keep ’em coming ladies, haven’t ya heard that bald is beautiful?

Skin: LF Chai – Vedette in Cinnamon
Eyes: Miriel – Iridescent Collection – Peacock
Shirt: Blaze – Boyfriend Buttondown (Past Group Gift)
Shorts: M&R Cupcakes – Zebra Outfit
Tights: Veschi – Muffin Top Dress Tights (Tinted a Dark Red)
Gloves: Fleur – Leather Gloves in Turquoise (Short Option)
Belt: Ivalde – Birla Belt in Yellow
Necklace: Paper Couture – Dahlia Pantsuit Necklace (Tinted Teal)

Happy Dispatch – Female Pose Pack

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